Simon Johns is a fine arts–trained designer living and working in the woods of East-Bolton in southern Quebec. Illustrating a conversation between the fabricated and the elemental, Simon creates one-off and limited-edition pieces of sculptural furniture and lighting. His work is a product of observing and living with natural raw shapes in the wild. Using a variety of materials as vocabulary, he plays with their capabilities in mimicry, sometimes having them reference or reflect each other in poetic compositions. The outcome is work that is imbued with a sense of contemplation, as if we are to evaluate our connection to our own environment.



Design + making of custom installations, statement pieces, lighting, furniture, room dividers, etc is part of the studio's ongoing practice and research. Owners, architects, interior designers and gallerists are invited to get in touch to collaborate, or to receive turn-key design-to-installation service on custom projects in all sectors.

Pieces in the Work and Store sections of this site are available in stock or made-to-order, but can also serve as starting points for site specific designs as well.

Please inquire about commissions, representation, special orders and any other question. 

Clients and Collaborators

  • Marshall Watson Interiors

  • Pembrooke and Ives

  • Jennifer Hoey Interior Design

  • Siol Studios

  • Octave Studio

  • Shutterstock

  • Specialized Bicycles

  • Alain Carle Architectes

  • Autodesk

  • Stingray Digital

  • Havas Worldwide

  • Provencher+Roy

  • Woolrich

  • etc